KBIZ Korea Federation of SMEs


Chairman's Message

ceo greeting Our member SMEs have overcome the difficulties that they have faced, in a continuously challenging and difficult management environment, by leveraging their constant innovation and technological development. These member SMEs are now forming the core of our economy, through continual enterprise and hiring.

The small and medium business of the Republic of Korea is the root of our economy and accounts for 99% of the number of enterprises and 88% of the number of employees. It plays a pivotal role in the national economy.

Until now, the Korean SMEs improved its competitiveness and cultivated overseas market through endless technology development and management innovation. As a result, it has established the foundation to develop into the world’s ninth trading nation with trading volume of US$ 1 trillion.

The Kbiz was established in 1962 under the objective to improve the economic status and support equal opportunities for Korean SMEs. We have actively dealt with the rapidly changing global economy through making proposals on governmental policies and seeking various systems, while also providing support so that SMEs can enhance competitiveness.

Also, we supported overseas marketing through participating in foreign exhibitions for SMEs, dispatching overseas business delegations, and providing information concerning FTA. There are about 30 institutions from 17 countries that signed cooperation agreement with us, and we have worked aggressively to enter into overseas market for SMEs through various cooperation projects.

Since the year 2012 is the 50th anniversary of our foundation, the Kbiz will develop and provide field-oriented policies and services based on creativity, passion, and accumulated experience and expertise. Through this, we will strive to improve the global competitiveness of Korean SMEs and ensure our SMEs can do business activities in a better environment.

Thank you.

Chairman of Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business   Park Sung-taek