Export consortium

visual image KBIZ provides opportunities in securing overseas sales channels through export consortiums linked to industry-specific organizations (cooperatives, etc.) and by holding overseas exhibitions and export counseling sessions.

Business structure

In each consortium, a leading orgnization carries out the project in 3 stages of preparations, on-site deployment, and follow-up management
  • Preparations

    Preparations (step 1)

    Conduct surveys and engage in promotional activities on the local market, identify potential buyers, etc.

  • On-site deployment

    On-site deployment (step 2)

    Participate in international exhibitions or business meetings for export (support the rental of booth and consultation site, and provision of equipment, vehicle, interpretation service, etc.)

  • Follow-up management

    Follow-up management (step 3)

    Invite foreign buyers to Korea, support their visit to Korean companies, etc.

E-mail intlteam@kbiz.or.kr